The Universe

(몽키라라 : Story)


Bok-yu Choi(Real Name) Age Unknown 31th December Pure Lazy Street Busker Convenience Store Part-timer
최복유(본명) XX세 12월31일 활발 순수 천재 귀차니즘 길거리버스커 편의점알바
Prologue 프롤로그
There was a popular acrobat team in Chosun dynasty. In the team, there were a variety of members including animals and 'Bok-yu' was one of them. Though she was a monkey, her cute appearance enabled her to join as a member of the team. However, she struggled since team made her play tricks she didn’t want. All She wanted to do was singing but things didn’t change. On the day of performance, she skipped it because she really didn’t want to do it. After skipping, she looked at the moon on the rooftop of stage and happened to see lights that penetrated the sky.
She followed the light and found something strange. As soon as she touched the stuff she saw for the first time in her life, lights burst out from everywhere and it led to the present.
조선시대에 곡예를 하는 마곡단이 있었다. 사람을 포함하여 다양한 동물들도 있었는데, 복유도 멤버 중 하나였다. 원숭이지만, 외모가 귀여워 멤버로 합류하였다. 하지만 노래를 좋아하지만 끼를 부리게 하여 적성에 맞지 않아 고생을 하였다. 공연이 있던 날 그날따라 너무너무 하기가 싫어서 땡땡이를 쳐버렸다.
공연을 땡땡이치고 공연장 옥상에 누워 달을 보다가 우연히 하늘을 꿰뚫는 빛을 보게 되었고, 그 빛을 따라갔더니 요상한 물건이 있었다. 태어나서 처음 보았던 그 물건을 만지자마자 온몸에서 빛이 터져 나왔고 현재로 오게 되었다.
Concept 콘셉트
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